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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are asked the most – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

How is the service arranged?

Either Joseph, Jane or Marilyn will make an appointment with you in your home to discuss what you would like in the way of assistance. You may like a family member or friend to be present. This visit is free and carries no obligation. It is the opportunity to find out who you are and for you to find out all about us.

Between us we will design a plan of care and tailor the service you would like. Several types of assessments are carried out to ensure that the health and safety of our staff and our clients is ensured. Once we have both agreed on the service to be provided and the costs explained you will be given a contract which details our terms and conditions and a Care Record file which we ask that you check to make sure that all the information for the service is correct as well as important information about Catchers.

Will I always have the same carer?

We aim to match carers to clients as closely as possible and to maintain continuity whenever we can subject to staff holidays and absence for whatever reason, we will always do our best.

What if I don’t like my carer?

Very rarely there may be a clash of personalities. If there is a problem just let us know and we will make find you someone else. You have to feel happy.

Will my carer be properly trained?

All our carers have regular training and updates in all aspects of the service they provide. We also monitor our Carers on a regular basis which involves a spot check whilst they are working. With your permission, the Manager or Deputy Manager may monitor the carer while they are working in your home.

We will also arrange regular review visits with you to make sure you are happy with the service you receive. We also ask that you call us if there is something you wish to discuss.

How much will it cost?

For our current scale of charges please contact us on 01903 500111 or email

Fees are individually calculated for each contract depending on the length of the visit. All charges will be explained to you before the service starts.

How do I pay?

You will be invoiced to the last Saturday of the month which means that the majority of invoices are for 4 weeks with at least 3 being 5 weeks. Your invoice will have a schedule of visits for the period attached to it to enable you to check it.

We ask that our clients pay by weekly standing order which as a small business allows us to keep a healthy cash flow. With the invoice will come a statement of account. If the account is £50 or more in credit we will refund the amount directly to your bank account. If the account is £50 or more in debit we will respectfully request that this is paid within 7 days by bank transfer.